Russell G. Lowry, CFP® CRPC® CWM™
100 Northfield Drive, Suite 200
Windsor, CT 06095
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Areas We Address

Business Succession/Continuity Planning

This is an area where the typical lack of coordination, between the client’s corporate attorney, personal attorney and accountant creates huge and often nasty predicaments for the business owner. We work with the business owner to help create optimal wealth retention strategies that support their goals whether its transference of ownership to the next generation, key employees or others. Additionally, we can use domestic and international resources to help particularly successful business owners aggressively protect their business and personal assets.

Investment Planning

Many people have found that the relentless pursuit of the next “best” investment or trying to "time" the market is a losing proposition. In the light of recent market volatility, they have begun to realize that a well-conceived investment plan is a better approach. Professional portfolio and pension money managers have been doing this for years while much of the general public has not known of their expertise. We can help change this for our clients.

Estate Planning

Most of my clients have attorneys and accountants, and have been provided with the basic ingredients of a financial plan such as wills, trusts, and tax accounting and investment advice. From our point of view, this is typically an example of “Planning 101.” By comparison, our comprehensive work is generally more advanced. Estate planning can be a difficult subject to address with clients because of the subject matter and because their present advisors may have left a lot more money to the IRS than they realized. Generally, we can help fix this.

Fringe Benefit Planning

Successful business owners have many opportunities to use their companies to help them reach their personal investment goals while retaining key employees. Generally, these opportunities are unknown to them. We show them how it's done.